Virtual Tours

Immersive 360
Digitize your physical construction with a Digital Twin.

Using a virtual tour is the right way to showcase your projects and masterpieces in an immersive way, accessible 24/7.

Our works in Virtual Tours
Check out our recent projects!
  • MM Offices Fit-Outs

    Phi Contracting Co has commissioned our team to document the work of their project, MM Offices Fit-outs, throughout the different phases with as-built virtual tour.

  • Dr. Ahmad Elayian Clinic

    The client has commissioned our team to document their recently finished interior design project of a beauty clinic in Amman, Jordan with a Matterport virtual tour.

  • Skandy’s Diner

    We were commissioned to document the fit-outs work of Skandy’s diner in Amman, Jordan, executed by Phi Contracting Co.

  • Apartment #2 in Irbid

    We were commissioned to document an under-construction apartment in Irbid, Jordan, by Baibars Brothers for Real Estate.

Anytime. Anywhere.
High-Quality 360 Documentation

A single tour can offer several benefits to your business, including the way your present your work online.

  • Tour the site from anywhere, at any time.
  • Extract 4K still images on request.
  • Measure dimensions of spaces.

As-Built Made Easy
Real Estate Projects and Standalone Residences

  • Visualize spaces online, at any time.
  • Make it easier for your clients to visit from anywhere.
  • 95 % of people are more likely to call about properties with virtual tours.
  • Increase sales by 14%.
  • 30 % Less time is needed to complete projects when teams can access a property anytime and form anywhere.
  • Decrease travel time and cost by 50%.
  • Eliminate car and plane travel to operate more sustainably by 16%.
  • 74% of agents using Virtual tours win more listings.

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